How Do I Decide If I Should Stay Or Go After Selling My Business?

The good news is you’ve gotten that offer you can’t refuse and you are going to sell your company.  Now the question is what do you do next?  Do you stay on with your company after the acquisition?  Do you ride off into the sunset?  Do you start another company?  So many choices and so little time.

When Is The Best Time To Find And Pursue New Opportunities?

How many times have you uttered the phrase, “I don’t have time!”?  If you’re like most of us, it’s likely been hundreds or even thousands of time…just this year!  Way too many small business owners utter that same phrase when we talk with them about exploring new opportunities.

How Do I Know When To Jump In To Save My Spouse From Drowning?

One of the things we talk about often when it comes to business partners is the timing of difficult discussions.  This is especially important when those business partners are also life partners because you’re going to be seeing this person after work as well.  The last thing you want to do is let things that happened at work impact what happens at home.  But hey, we’re all human.  And sometimes our emotions and best intentions can get in the way.

Bird In The Hand: Ben Ihde of Wild Birds Unlimited

Today we were joined on the show by business owner Ben Ihde of Wild Birds Unlimited. Ben was a coaching client of MVP for several years and is a repeat guest on Dirty Secrets of Small Business (see link below for his February 14, 2019 appearance).  During the show today Ben shared with us what’s been going on since we last heard from him.

How Quickly Should I Know My New Hire Is The Right One?

Making the decision to hire someone can be very stressful on a small business owner.  What if we pick the wrong person?  Can we truly afford to add someone else to the payroll?  What will we do if we don’t hire someone?  How soon will we know we hired the right person?  These and many other questions roll through the heads of business owners looking to make hiring decisions.

What Are You Retiring To?

Are you ready for retirement?  I can’t wait for retirement!!  Can I retire now?  Everywhere you look you can find someone trying to give you advice on retirement.  But as a small business owner, retirement is likely something you’re not looking forward to.  I mean isn’t retiring something old people do?

Growth: Joe Butler of Prescription Fitness and Butler Wellness Group

Today we were joined on the show by business owner Joe Butler of Prescription Fitness and Butler Wellness Group. Joe was a coaching client of MVP for almost a decade.  During the show today Joe shared some of the key moments in his growth from one location when we met him to 7 locations today.  It was anything but a straight path!  Joe’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

How Important Is Timing When Having Tough Discussions?

Can’t I just say it!  Why can’t I just tell them how I feel?  These and many other thoughts have likely gone through your head at some point.  Perhaps you are frustrated or feeling some pressure and you’re just about to burst!  Take a deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Take another one and take a step back from the situation.  Should you say what you’re thinking or should you bite your tongue and look for a better time and situation to make your point?Perhaps after you’ve had the chance to calm down a bit.

Would You Take It If They Gave It To You?

Ever bought a company before?  What, no one’s ever asked you that question before?  Any guess what the top response is when we ask someone if they’ve ever bought a company before?  Some version of, “I don’t have the money/big pile of cash.”  Well, what if someone gave you the company?  What then?