How Do I Figure Out What To Do Next?

This is a question business owners ask themselves throughout nearly every stage of business.  Quite often depending on the day and even the time of day, the answer may vary tremendously.  It can come up as you’re getting ready to launch your business or when you’re thinking about exiting your business.

Are You a Joiner, Doer, or Leader?

Jack and I have been involved at just about every level of organizations you can imagine.  From multi billion dollar public companies to start ups to all kinds of volunteer and other non-profit organizations not to mention our personal and family lives.  One of the things we’ve noticed is that people will often play one of three roles in an organization: i) Joiner, ii) Doer, or iii) Leader.

Ned Parks of Aegis 360 Consulting

This week we were joined in studio by Ned Parks, owner of Aegis 360 Consulting , a global provider of business consulting and staff development services that help organizations improve leadership competencies, discover and align business strategies, and improve culture through employee engagement efforts.  Ned is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and he shared with us some of his key takeaways from that program (e.g. learning through interacting with peers) in our monthly Goldman 10 for 10 segment.

Guests Matt White and Jason Henkel

Join us this week when we will be joined in studio by Jason Henkel and Matt White of ShotStop Ballistics which provides body armor and other ballistics protection which are lighter weight and work as well or better than most options currently available.  Both Jason and Matt have been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures and they shared many of their stories with us tonight.