The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Set Back, Greg McAfee of McAfee Heating and Air

Today we were joined on the show by entrepreneur Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating and Air. Greg shared a lot of great stories and perspectives with us during the show including some keys to his success along the way

How Do I Get People To Wait In Line For Our Products and Services?

As we are now into November, thoughts of year end are dancing in everyone’s heads. But first we have Thanksgiving and Christmas before we get to the new year. We also have Black Friday which is one of the biggest shopping days of the year with people lining up on Thanksgiving night to make sure they are going to land that sought after toy or electronic.

When’s The Last Time You Were Pleasantly Surprised By A New Hire Exceeding Expectations?

When’s the last time you were pleasantly surprised by a new hire exceeding expectations? Someone who almost instantly adds value to your organization. The type of person who really takes charge and gets through your onboarding process quickly and dives right in. Perhaps they’ve even written their own job description and a plan for the next 30/60/90 days which includes things you didn’t even think about. Plus they have a lot of other intangibles that you didn’t even know you were looking for like taking charge of their area right away and quickly ingratiating themselves with the team they are going to manage. It’s like finding gold!

How Do I Know It’s Time To Turn My Side Hustle Into A Full-Time Gig?

People have always had side hustles. For instance, can you name a plumber, electrician, or mason who doesn’t do some sort of side jobs for friends and family? How about that person doing “the books” for several small business owners on nights and weekends or that salesperson also contracting with a start up to help get their sales off the ground?

How Do I Handle A Personal Health Issue?

Health is one of those things we take for granted until we don’t have it. Especially as a business owner. So what do you do if you get a negative health diagnosis? Are you the type of person who will let everyone know about your diagnosis? Will you keep it close to the vest? Will you “tap out” and say I’m done and focus on getting well? Or will you just keep grinding away?

How Do I Decide Where To Spend My Time vs. Money With Marketing?

One of the biggest enigmas for small businesses is balancing time vs. money spent on their Marketing Plan. When first starting out most small business owners have more time than money so the Marketing Plan is often 90%+ focused on time with 10% or less focused on money. For example, a new business owner may spend a lot of time going to different networking events at things like the Chamber of Commerce or BNI. If they are more tech savvy chances are the owner will be spending time on social media.

How Do I Know If I Am The Problem?

So does the thought that you might be the problem ever pop into your head? One of the things we pride ourselves on is being self aware. One key to success for any business owner is to know if you’re the problem or not. Now this often isn’t just a blanket statement where you are the problem in every situation, but that might be the case as well.

How Do Small Business Owners Set Priorities For Their Business?

One of the biggest challenges as a small business owner is knowing what to focus on next. With so many folks trying to set priorities for you and your business, how do you as the owner decide what is really important? Should you listen more to folks inside your business (e.g. employees) or those outside (e.g. customers)? What about someone like your spouse or children? Not to mention all those thoughts you have in your own mind. It’s no wonder so many business owners are battling exhaustion!

How Do I Rediscover Old Things?

This year has been one of rediscovering things for many folks, and we here at Dirty Secrets of Small Business are no different. During the show today we shared several stories of things that we are rediscovering. The list includes everything from golf to high school football on the personal front to things like cold calling and networking on a business front.