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Today we were joined on the show by business owner Jeremy Orsky of Ohio Collision Group.  Jeremy was an MVP client for nearly 8 years and we had a lot of fun and tremendous success together!  During the show today Jeremy shared his story of acquiring several underperforming collision repair shops and growing them and eventually selling them to a consolidator.  He was able to accomplish all of this by his early 40s.

We covered a lot during our chat but some of the highlights include:

  • Working with family in the business including his dad, sister, and spouse, not to mention a few friends who were like family;
  • How do you spot underperforming assets and then grow them;
  • Importance of key people in assisting with the growth; and
  • Making the decision to sell what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Jeremy always has an interesting way of expressing things and we think you’ll enjoy hearing his story and will definitely have some good laughs.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show