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How Come It’s So Lonely At The Top?

It’s one of those statements you’ve likely heard at different points throughout your life.  And if you’re a business owner you’ve either uttered those words or certainly thought about it a lot.  It truly is lonely at the top.  So what does this mean and why is it so lonely when you’re running your small business?

How Do I Stay Focused?

Staying focused can be a problem in regular life, not to mention your business life.  One of the things we provide for our coaching clients is a framework to help them know “what” they should be focusing on which is our 7 Keys to Success.  But that doesn’t explain “how” they can stay focused.  After all, don’t we all battle some demons when it comes to staying focused?

How Often Should The Boss Be In The Office?

This is one of those questions that circles around an owner’s mind quite often. Not only how often should I be in the office but for how long? Should the boss be the first in and last to leave? Or should the boss only show up whenever it’s convenient? Or somewhere in between? How about as little as possible? The short answer is, it depends!