Band Dads Become Unintended Entrepreneurs, Drew Taylor of Clubhouse Trailer Company

Today we were joined on the show by entrepreneur Drew Taylor, co-owner of Clubhouse Trailer Company. Drew was kind enough to share part of the journey that he and his business partner Jeff Hadley have been on since starting their company over 10 years ago.

The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Set Back, Greg McAfee of McAfee Heating and Air

Today we were joined on the show by entrepreneur Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating and Air. Greg shared a lot of great stories and perspectives with us during the show including some keys to his success along the way

How Do I Handle A Personal Health Issue?

Health is one of those things we take for granted until we don’t have it. Especially as a business owner. So what do you do if you get a negative health diagnosis? Are you the type of person who will let everyone know about your diagnosis? Will you keep it close to the vest? Will you “tap out” and say I’m done and focus on getting well? Or will you just keep grinding away?

How Do I Know If I Am The Problem?

So does the thought that you might be the problem ever pop into your head? One of the things we pride ourselves on is being self aware. One key to success for any business owner is to know if you’re the problem or not. Now this often isn’t just a blanket statement where you are the problem in every situation, but that might be the case as well.

How Do Small Business Owners Set Priorities For Their Business?

One of the biggest challenges as a small business owner is knowing what to focus on next. With so many folks trying to set priorities for you and your business, how do you as the owner decide what is really important? Should you listen more to folks inside your business (e.g. employees) or those outside (e.g. customers)? What about someone like your spouse or children? Not to mention all those thoughts you have in your own mind. It’s no wonder so many business owners are battling exhaustion!

Guest, Ross Youngs of Biosortia and Univenture

Today we were joined on the show by entrepreneur Ross Youngs. For those long time listeners of our show, you know we are big fans of Inc. Magazine as well as their annual list of the fastest growing private companies. Well, our guest today is a member of the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame!

How Do I Know What To Focus On Next?

What happens when you decide it’s time to retire and step away from your business?  We find most people, including business owners, don’t have a good answer for this question.  Too many will throw out platitudes along the lines that they’ll spend more time with family and friends, traveling, vacationing, playing golf or tennis.  The list goes on, but in reality they’ve never really given this question much thought.