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With all the battles going on to get workers back in the office, we started to think of the good old days when folks would complain that the boss is never around or the opposite, they never leave!  But our question today is bigger than that.  Is it good for the boss to be around?  What kind of message does it deliver if the boss is around too much or not enough?

One of the things we discuss with all of our clients is that most people have no idea what the boss does.  The “work” of the boss often looks very different from the “work” of much of the rest of the team.  So why doesn’t she ever leave us alone?  Or how come he’s never here?  These are some of the questions employees will ask when they don’t understand what the boss is doing.

As a boss yourself, do you ever consider your power?  Do you realize people respond differently when you’re in the room?  If so, then you should have some purpose when you’re in the office or around the shop.  Beware that the eyes are always on you.

During the show today we shared several ideas for things to do and consider when you’re hanging around your company:

  • Inform: let people know what’s going on.  The “why” is a big deal in terms of why you do the things you do.  A good way to instill this in your organization is to have regular meetings so your team can constantly be informed and report on the most important items of your business.
  • Assist: one of your main jobs as the leader of your company is to remove roadblocks for your team.  You should never tire of asking the question, “How can I help you or make your job easier?”
  • Credit: be sure to shower praise publicly (and privately) on those who are doing the right things.  Reinforce for people the types of behaviors and results you’re looking for.
  • Blame: when things don’t go right, be the first one to take the blame.  Even if it wasn’t your fault, it’s still your company so the buck should ultimately stop with you. 

There are lots of things to be doing whether you’re in the office or not so be sure to be purposeful about it.  In today’s ever changing and more virtual world you’ll want to be sure to be “present” as well.  Even though it might look a little different virtually.

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