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How Do I Keep Business and Personal Separate When Working With My Spouse?

Depending who you talk with, many people think it’s crazy to work with your spouse or significant other.  One of the biggest concerns we often hear is this idea of separating business from personal stuff.  You know that famous phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”  How do you think that comment would be received by your significant other when explaining why you did something at work?

Should A Business Partnership Be Until Death Do Us Part?

It can often feel like your business partner is your “work spouse” because you typically see so much of each other that you can finish each other’s sentences.  But does this mean that like marriage that a business partnership should be until one of you passes away?  Is this why any time you talk to your attorney or accountant they’ll ask about whether or not there is a buy/sell agreement in place, key-person life insurance, and a litany of other things?

Why Doesn’t Every Small Business Owner Have A Business Coach?

This might seem like a strange question, but think about the question if you were to substitute attorney or accountant or insurance person for the phrase business coach.  Wouldn’t you be surprised to learn a business owner friend doesn’t have an accountant or insurance person?  So why would it be so odd to expect that every small business owner also have a business coach?  We address this very question in today’s show.