Are You Having Fun In Your Business Yet?

Usually three-letter words are OK, it’s the four-letter words you need to avoid!  Yet it’s hard to find too many people having FUN in their businesses today with all the changes that are being introduced and forced upon us due to COVID-19.  The real question is, were you having fun in your business before all this coronavirus stuff hit?  Unfortunately we find too many business owners who aren’t having fun in their business any more.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Michael Uetz and Danette Amstein of Midan Marketing

Michael Uetz & Danette Amstein of Midan Marketing

This week we were joined in studio by Michael Uetz and Danette Amstein the owners of Midan Marketing a full service marketing and communications focused on everything meat.  We’ve known and worked with Michael and Danette since 2007 and have seen them grow from 6 employees to nearly 100!