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Most owners start and fund the initial growth of their business through a combination of their own personal savings, borrowing from family and friends, and maxing out their credit cards.  As those sources of money dwindle or become tapped out, the growth of the business can often be stifled by this lack of capital.  It’s at this point that many business owners approach alternative money sources (e.g. bankers or investors)

Few things in business cause an owner more sleepless nights than the fear of running out of cash.  But presenting their business and financials to their banker or an investor ranks right up there!  Trying to obtain financing for a business is never fun.  In fact, most business owners would be just fine if they never had to speak with another banker or investor ever again.  Not that bankers and investors are bad or evil people, it’s just that they typically speak a different language than most small business owners.

One of the things MVP does for our small business coaching clients is to help debunk and demystify the financing process.  We shared several stories on the show tonight for a variety of different financing sources and how clients have successfully secured the money they were seeking.

During tonight’s show we also introduced a new segment we are calling the DISC Minute where we will be sharing stories for how people are using their knowledge of their natural DISC styles to either adjust themselves or dig in further into their styles.  DISC is a powerful behavior tool.


People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show