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Small business can be emotional.  This isn’t a good or bad thing.  It’s just a thing.  It can be a great thing if you can get your team emotionally connected to the business where they start to take ownership of their decisions and activities.  It can also be a big part of the “family” culture that so many business owners talk about.  And it can also lead to you hiring lots of friends and family which is typically an emotional decision.

Family dynamics can be a tricky balance with everything from when do you talk about business and who should know what.  It comes down to not only avoiding risking the family dynamics, but also doing what is right for the organization.  What happens at Thanksgiving or family reunions?  Here’s a Dirty Secret, most people aren’t able to draw a hard line between business and personal stuff.  If you’re a jerk to me at work, I’m not likely to forget about that just because we’re at your son’s birthday party.  The conversations that cause the most trouble tend to be the ones that don’t happen.

We work with many of our clients on these family issues and the focus is always on what’s best for the organization.  It’s amazing how one simple question can help frame many of the tough and emotional decisions and take a good chunk of the emotion out of the decision because it usually becomes clear pretty quickly what should be done when the organization is put first.  We shared several different examples and stories tonight around this topic.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Join us next week when we will be joined in studio by Jeff Tomaszewski of Max Strength Fitness (  Jeff has a wonderful story to share and will also talk about his experience with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small