How Do I Avoid Seller’s Remorse With A Deal?

If you’ve ever been involved with the buying or selling of a business, chances are you’ve heard of a term called seller’s remorse.  Even if you haven’t been involved in a deal it’s likely you’ve heard about it or seen it.  And it doesn’t matter how large or small a deal is, it can happen to anyone…even a billionaire.

How Do I Respond To The Request “Tell Me About Yourself”?

We were recently involved with some mock interviews with local high school students. The goal is to give these 15 and 16 year olds some practice at interviewing for a job. They are asked to complete an application, dress in nicer clothes, and then sit down for a 10-minute interview with some volunteer adults to “interview” for a job in a retail store.

How Do I Get My Business Ready To Sell?

Is your business ready? If the opportunity presents itself, is your business ready to be sold? Now, that doesn’t mean YOU are ready to sell. It’s a wonderful thing when those two things do align and both you and your business are ready to sell. Unfortunately we often find that too many business owners are ready to sell but their businesses aren’t quite ready yet.