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This week we were joined in studio by Ned Parks, owner of Aegis 360 Consulting (, a global provider of business consulting and staff development services that help organizations improve leadership competencies, discover and align business strategies, and improve culture through employee engagement efforts.  Ned is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program ( and he shared with us some of his key takeaways from that program (e.g. learning through interacting with peers) in our monthly Goldman 10 for 10 segment.

During the show tonight, Ned tied together his story which started with important lessons he learned from his entrepreneurial parents which started with simple things like be sure to take a phone message accurately and get it to the intended person.  His journey included time in the U.S. Army flight school then lead to his own aviation services company and then back to a big company before finally starting his own company again in 2000 which will soon be celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary.

Ned had lots of great insights and you will definitely learn some great pearls of wisdom from tonight’s interview.

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