Small business coaches on the radioOn the Dirty Secrets of Small Business radio show, co-hosts Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter, who are also the coaches of their business, Maximum Value Partners (MVP) are fresh from the recent Thanksgiving celebration. No, they aren’t talking turkey, but rather stuffing as it relates to all the stuff small business owners have to contend with.

In this week’s show, they debunk the common myth that centers on “I told them once, so they should get it.” Nearly every owner goes through this with his or her team of employees in being challenged on how to communicate effectively. Directions and insights that seem crystal clear to the owner can often take 2 or 3 or even dozens of times to explain so team members really get it. To the owner, it feels like you are babysitting at times or even dealing with a very young child. Keep in mind that communication is very difficult and what may be inherently clear in your mind might not be so clear when presented to your team. Your team members usually have different backgrounds and experience so it might be that you’re using words that you think are very clear but have a different meaning to your team. We see it all the time when discussing numbers and using terms like profit, which is totally clear to us, but most people don’t see what we see. If you get a lot of blank stares or think that your people have taken on the look of a deer in the headlights, maybe it’s time to examine how well you are communicating the back-story of what you need to be implemented.

A great thing to do is pause and have your team feed back to you what they just heard so that you can ensure you’re on the same page. If you aren’t on the same page, you’ll quickly be able to identify where the confusion exists.

In having owned 20 businesses of their own and advising hundreds of small businesses over the years, Jack and Adam know how critical communications can be for the success of the business and the motivation of the team. It is also a good idea to understand how each employee handles and engages in the work environment. MVP utilizes a DISC analysis which can shed light on personality and management styles that also includes the nuances of how people communicate and process orders/directions. For more information, visit and also give Jack and Adam a call to discuss. 877-849-0670

In this week’s Dirty Secret of the Week, the coaches discuss the secret that owners are always working. Many small business owners can relate to this because they are balancing all the work things with their personal lives. In reality, though, an owner’s brain never turns off and when they do shut things down by force that’s usually when things with the business don’t continue to go well. Jack and Adam’s advice is to accept that, yes, in some way you are always working. Knowing how to manage it and not have it totally consume you in your off time is the key to being a small business owner who can accept this responsibility and be there for the others in his or her life.

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