2016-07-13IMG_1418-opt6This week, Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter of Maximum Value Partners (MVP) cover the common myth that customers only care about low prices. There is an old adage when you are looking for services or products that you can have it quick, cheap or right… you just have to pick two of the three. 

Has it always been this way that price is the only thing a customer or client really cares about?

If your only competitive advantage is price, you are on a going out of business curve., There has to be more to your service and product offering than just being at the right price. What happens in small business environments requires more than just a fair or low price to get the sale. The small business owner has to demonstrate the attributes of their products and services to convey value and providing a solution to the client’s needs. It comes down to customers really wanting more than just a good price. Knowing how to present your value proposition and being able to be profitable from the sale are keys to success. Jack and Adam coach small business owners to develop the skills to reach their business goals.

In this week’s show, Jack and Adam also cover the dirty secret that you don’t need money to buy a company. There are ways to negotiate a win-win situation for the small business owner and the owner of the company he or she is looking to sell. If you want to learn the ins and outs of how to successfully buy a company with either very little money down or no money down, call Jack and Adam to talk about it at 877-849-0670 or email radio@maximumvp.com

How Come?

Tune in to hear Jack’s How Come? when he talks about:

How come all these journalists want to see Trump’s tax returns?  What value is that? There are bigger issues on trade, war, education and government spending. Why aren’t the journalists asking to address these hard questions?

Taking this week’s how come question and relating it to small business centers around the amount of information employees should know and understand about the owner’s numbers.

“With our clients, we advocate that they share information on their P&L with their employees; to share everything but the information on the individual employee salary amounts on payroll.

“This openness and transparency of discussing sales, revenues, profits and goals with the employees creates an atmosphere of understanding the challenges and excitement of building the small business. In discussing the P&L numbers, the small business owner and the employees both feel part of an organization where they understand how they can help build it on a path for greater success,” said Adam.

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