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A collective sigh of relief as our latest elections are finally finished. We can certainly understand why you might be looking to have a timeout from any more political talk and advertisements. Good news here is that we want to highlight some of the key takeaways for business owners from the 2018 midterm elections and also give you some ideas for why and how to get involved.

We’ve spoken with just about every one of our business coaching clients about the importance of getting involved in politics. As you might guess, we get a lot of pushback from our clients. The top pushback is “I don’t have time to get involved in politics.” As we say all the time, when some tells you they “don’t have time” that is code for “you haven’t convinced me why what you’re telling me is important enough for me to MAKE TIME for it.”

Well tonight’s show is geared to help you understand why getting involved is the lesser of two evils when it comes to the impact on your life. We shared several stories of clients of ours and how the government got in their way and what to do about it. We also shared several personal stories about getting involved in politics. Not only did we share several reasons why you should get involved but also how to get started.

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