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This might seem like a strange question, but think about the question if you were to substitute attorney or accountant or insurance person for the phrase business coach.  Wouldn’t you be surprised to learn a business owner friend doesn’t have an accountant or insurance person?  So why would it be so odd to expect that every small business owner also have a business coach?  We address this very question in today’s show.

We’ve been business coaches for over two decades.  When we first started out we would often get questions along the lines of, “What’s a business coach?”  As we made it through our first decade as business coaches the question changed from “what is” a business coach to “how are you different from…” and they would insert the names of six other business coaches they had recently met.

You see, unlike those accountants and attorneys who have to pass state certified exams, just about anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a business coach.  One of the things that inspired us to get into business coaching was that we found most people who were calling themselves coaches at that time had very little to no experience in actually owning and operating a small business.  How can that person help a small business owner?

One of the biggest gating items that keeps a small business owner from hiring a coach is their embarrassment.  Too many small business owners feel embarrassed that they don’t have all the answers.  So many are still made to feel like second class citizens because they didn’t graduate from high school or college, or don’t have a business degree.  We covered this and several other reasons why most small business owners don’t have a coach in our show today.  Enjoy!

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