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It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the “busy ness” of day-to-day activities in our businesses.  If you don’t have a longer-term goal in mind it can be frustrating for you and your team to continue on when times get tough.  So do you have a longer-term Vision for your business and where you would like it to be in the next 5-10 years?  Do you realize you can accomplish just about anything in 10 years?

We work with a lot of small business owners and we used to be surprised at how few of the owners could quickly articulate a clear Vision for where they see their company in the next 5-10 years.  The response we got was usually something along the lines of, “Who has time for that?”  We’ve learned that the “not having time” excuse is just code for “you haven’t given me a good reason for why I should make time for this.”  Fair enough.

At it’s core, the Vision for your business should inject some excitement into the business as well as provide guidance for where everyone should be focused.  This enables you and your team to recognize opportunities when they present themselves vs. simply letting them pass by.  It also helps everyone plug in what they are doing today to a bigger picture and answer that question of “Why am I doing all of this?”  One of the biggest mistakes when pulling together a Vision is putting the pressure on yourself to have all the answers for how you are going to get there from here.  Forget about how you’re going to get there and focus on where you want to go first!

During the show today, we shared a variety of stories and insights into why it’s so important to have that longer-term view for your business and where you want it to go.  We also provided some guidance for how to pull together a Vision statement.

Click Here to download a 1-page guide for how to craft a 10-year Vision statement for your business.

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