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So Jack and I were chatting about some of our clients recently and we started to get a little heated about frustrations we were having.  As we continued to chat we started to realize that the problem was that many of our business owner clients were spending time talking about symptoms vs. problems.  The visual signs vs. the true cause.

The Dirty Secret we discussed during tonight’s show is that too many business owners (and leaders) spend too much time focused on trying to solve symptoms vs. problems.  Unfortunately solutions only work to fix problems not symptoms. During our show we gave several examples of clients who were dealing with things like high turnover or too little cash in the business.  These and many other symptoms might be disguised as problems but in reality they aren’t the problem at all. Which is why the symptom keeps coming back.

Confused yet?  Well, take a listen to this week’s show and hopefully our diarrhea example will provide some clarity for you on the symptom vs. problem situation.  That way we can all spend more time working on solutions to actual problems vs. continuing to address the symptoms of those problems!

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