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Leadership is one of those words that depending who you talk with you will get a very different answer for what are the keys to being a good Leader.  Truth is, Leadership is a very personal thing.  We each have our own styles, approaches, and experiences.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain principles of Leadership that you can work on to make yourself better.

During tonight’s show we shared several characteristics of good Leaders.  We did this, not so much to provide a roadmap as to give you some tangible ways to measure your effectiveness as a Leader and perhaps identify a few areas to focus on to improve your results.

For instance, how well do you Lead by example?  Are you the first one in or the first one out of the company day-to-day?  Do you take credit for all the good things that happen and then point the fingers when things go wrong?  Do people want to follow you and pay attention to where you’re trying to take them?

If you’re looking for some ideas on what to do next in terms of developing your own or others when it comes to Leadership skills, tonight’s show is for you!


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