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Have you been on a road trip this summer?  We are big fans of road trips, always have been.  And now with all the craziness going on with airlines and constant cancellations and delays, not to mention all the hassles at the airport and potential loss of luggage, road trips have become even more appealing to most folks.

Whether you’re a road trip warrior or perhaps just stay more in your local area, today’s topic talks about how your driving style can tell you a lot about your Leadership style.  Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Defensive vs. Offensive: just about every driving class or school will teach defensive driving, but why are so many drivers more offensive than defensive?
  • Tortoise vs. Hare/Cruise Control vs. No Cruise Control: are you a slow and steady driver or are you speed up and slow down?
  • Angry/Aggressive/Agitated vs. Happy/Courteous/Calm/Cool/Collected: are you constantly cutting people off or riding their bumpers or are you the one who lets everyone merge in front of you?
  • Driver vs. Passenger: do you prefer to be the one driving or is your comfort zone being the co-pilot?
  • Coolers or No Coolers: as you prepare for your next road trip, do you plan things out where you’ll bring along some cold beverages and snacks for the trip or do you just jump in the car and figure it out as you go?
  • Following All Rules vs. Stretching Them: do you drive at the speed limit or 7-8 miles above or go as fast as you can

There are a lot of insights that can be gained by paying attention to your driving styles as well as those around you.  Keep in mind that just like any behavior style these aren’t good or bad things but are things to be aware of.

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