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If you’re in business long enough, chances are very high that you’ll be faced with a big decision…To Sue or Not To Sue!  How do you know when the time is right to put up a fight vs. settle?

A couple of things to keep in mind: i) you will likely never see the inside of the court room as about 95% of the cases are settled before getting to court; ii) the only people guaranteed to make money are the attorneys; iii) size matters, some things just aren’t worth fighting.

During tonight’s show we shared several different examples of our personal experience as well as those of our clients when it comes to lawsuits or potential lawsuits.  Our guidance to our business coaching clients is to try everything else first before looking to file a lawsuit.  This all hinges on ensuring you have a reasonable party on the other side because you can’t fix or negotiate with crazy!

Filing a lawsuit should be the last thing you try after trying to negotiate, settle, or finding some other way to avoid getting attorneys involved.  If you’re dealing with someone who’s a bit nuts, you may have no other choice but to sue!