img_1669My spouse or significant other isn’t involved in my business…this is a common myth that many small business owners feel is the truth because their significant other doesn’t go to the office or place of business with them everyday. The fact is that the most important person in your life is influencing your business decisions even if they aren’t physically in the office. This week, Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter of Maximum Value Partners (MVP) debunk this myth and explain that the spouse is in a very influential position as they are living and sleeping with the owner and have access to the owner that no one else does. The results of the business impact their livelihood as much as anyone else.

As it is important to communicate clearly with your employees it is equally important to find ways to communicate clearly with your spouse about what is going on in the business aside from what has been deposited in the bank. Your spouse cares about you and truly cares about your wins and worries with the business.

Dirty Secret

In this week’s show, Jack and Adam also cover the dirty secret that even if you don’t realize it, as a business owner, there’s no “off switch” on your brain to stop thinking about your business. There are times that even if you aren’t in the work environment your thoughts go to your business. You could be at a restaurant having great service from the wait staff and thinking, wow this is a really great employee… I wonder how the restaurant owner does it to find a great employee like that? How can I find other great employees for my business? And then your thoughts are off to the races and it may be your dinner companions have to nudge you back to reality.

“It’s important that you realize there are times you need to put the work thought switch on pause or realize that there needs to be time when you need a break from the constant thoughts of your business,” said Adam. If you have experienced this constant thought process about your small business and would like to share your insights with Jack and Adam on how you effectively manage it, call 877-849-0670 or email

How Come?

Tune in to hear Jack’s How Come? when he talks about:
How come there are so many good questions to ponder that could have life changing consequences? One question to ponder is that if you had one opportunity to be different what would you change about yourself? Change is hard for everyone and especially those with small businesses. There are problems in small business and we tend to move it aside rather than addressing them. Trying to make one change or many changes is often difficult but small victories build on significant change both in personal lives and for businesses that need to change to make their operations more profitable.

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