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Today we were joined on the show by business owner Eric Robichaud.  Eric is the owner of Green Goddess Supply, a supplier of premium quality smoking accessories and home grow products.  During the show Eric takes us on his journey from software engineer/nerdy computer guy to now being the weed guy!

Eric has owned several companies over the years and it’s likely you’ve used some of his products over the years without necessarily knowing who Eric is.  Have you ever used a screensaver?  Well Eric’s company is the one that supplied 97% of these.  His business interests then evolved into the entertainment industry through a connection he made with his business partner Vince whose company was providing keyboard sounds for computer games.  This eventually evolved into developing iPhone apps and creating an interactive marketing company.

It was while working with one of Eric’s marketing clients who was selling up to $1 million per day on Amazon back in 2014 that the idea for Green Goddess Supply emerged.  A big part of this evolution was developing a 7-point criteria to guide his company in sourcing product.  The first product to hit all 7 points happened to be a weed smoking pipe.  It took off so quickly that they stopped selling rubber chickens and decided instead to add more smoking related products.  And being a marketer, Eric felt the need to create a brand.

Along the way Eric has learned a ton and he shared many of those lessons with us during the show.  A couple of lessons highlighted during the show include:

  • Importance of PR and print in addition to networking to build the business;
  • Running a small business is hard normally but the cannabis related industry adds an entirely new level of complexity; and
  • How having a “marketing mindset” can help you see gaps in the industry.

As an early player in the cannabis related space, Eric and his team have learned a lot and they are positioned for tremendous growth.  The best part is Eric is having a ton of fun and he really tells his stories well.  We think you’ll really enjoy his story!

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