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Today we were joined on the show by business partners Scott Freerksen and Chris Mosier.  Scott and Chris are the owners of Lakefront Living International, a national real estate franchise focused only on lakefront properties.  During the show Scott and Chris share the very different paths they took that eventually lead them each to a focus on lakefront properties.

Scott had a 20-year corporate career where he never really felt like he belonged.  He points to September 11, 2001 as a triggering event that caused him to leave the corporate world behind and he began flipping houses.  In order to save on realtors fees for buying and selling houses, Scott decided to obtain his real estate license.  Scott always had a fondness for living on a lake and quickly discovered an underserved niche with lakefront property.

Chris graduated with a degree in civil engineering and she liked the field so much that immediately after graduating she went to work in the travel field with American Express Travel, starting out as a “volunteer” so she could learn the business and the technology.  This experience exposed Chris to working with an affluent clientele of corporate executives and how to work with them. After taking some time off to be a stay-at-home mom and finding the Lord, Chris re-entered the workforce by getting into real estate.  Within the first year Chris became the highest producing agent.  Somehow she found time to get involved with a Dream Dinners franchise, get remarried, and purchased a lake house.  It was while at that lake house that Chris discovered that she could show houses in shorts and flip flops on a boat and she was hooked!

Scott and Chris found each other in 2014 while Scott was trying to “build his business like he was going to build 10,000 more of them” so he could franchise it which is something he discovered in the book the E-Myth Revisited.  In the meantime Chris and her REMAX partner had very different visions for where they wanted to take their business with Chris wanting to create a national franchise built around lakefront houses while her partner wanted to stay local.

Chris and Scott quickly discovered that they not only shared a similar vision for what this business could be but they also shared similar values and approaches to business. They take a unique approach to the franchiser/franchisee relationship and view their franchisees as partners.  In fact the look at them as family and as such it’s key that any potential franchisee can pass the camp fire test.

Scott and Chris shared some of their keys to success for a strong partnership including:

  • Good hearted people (everything can be worked out);
  • Embrace people fro their different gifts vs. getting frustrated;
  • Mutual respect;
  • Aligned Vision; and
  • Getting a contract in place ahead of time to handle things if things go south.

Chris and Scott have a very relatable and inspiring story and we think you’ll really enjoy hearing them share their journey with us.

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