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We are joined by Scott Sofer the owner of Bickford Flavors ( a provider of over 200 stock flavors to the food and beverage industry.  Scott is a 3rd generation entrepreneur, has owned several companies, and is passionate about giving back and helping young people learn about entrepreneurship.

During the show he shared how he went from owning a hydraulics business to now focusing on Bickford Flavors.  He also shared with us one of his biggest mistakes which was not buying the building where his hydraulics business was based.  Scott’s passion for small business is evident to anyone he speaks with, especially when talking about how he has been involved in a program teaching kids how to start a business which has resulted in over 500 companies being started in the last 10 years.  On top of all this, Bickford has more than tripled in the last 5 years through the effort of Scott and his great team.  We know you’ll enjoy the show!


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Join us next week when we will talk about how to use your Know Like Trust list to earn more referrals for your business and how to get your team engaged in this process as well.