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In today’s show we cover one of Jack’s all-time least favorite topics…INSURANCE!  Insurance is one of those “necessary” evils.  What kind of insurance?  There are so many options.  Everything from liability to property to auto and health insurance.

Take a look at your P&L and you might be surprised by how much you are spending on insurance.  So is there anything you can do other than complain about this “necessary” evil? How about shopping it?  Do you do that at the insurance mall or some online store?  What about your agent or a broker?

The short answer is yes and yes!  Take a look at any and all options but one of our favorites is finding a good broker who can do the shopping for you.  Keep in mind that part of this “shopping” is not only looking for the best coverage for the price but also making decisions on what needs to be covered and what doesn’t.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show