Whether you are starting out with a new business or have had your own small business for several years, you can learn a great deal by tuning into Dirty Secrets of Small Business.

Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter have been helping small businesses with all of the challenging how questions for over 15 years with their own business, (having owned and operated over 20 small companies) as coaches for Maximum Value Partners (MVP) www.maximumvp.com. Now with their weekly radio show, Dirty Secrets of Small Business, as cohosts, they tackle the issues small business owners face day in and day out. They get business owners unstuck from the state of how!

In this week’s show there are four segments!

Segment one is a common myth of small businesses- All business owners are independently wealthy! Jack and Adam debunk this myth that all owners are draining the bank account and rolling around in cash!

Segment two is the dirty secret of the week- Most family businesses are total mess! Family businesses have their own definition of normal and which staff member has what responsibility based on the relatives (who are also part of the staff) and their relationships.

Other non-family run businesses operate as a “meritocracy:” people doing well based on their own actions versus the family name driving their position in the business. Many people feel that if you are sleeping with the boss you will have an advantage. Well that is very true!

Segment three is the How Come this or that exists? – How come state governments are not taking care of roads, the city’s bridges, flooding waterways and all the disrepair by saying that there is no money? To Adam, it’s like someone saying; “I don’t have time for that.” It is blowing off the real issue and the work needed to find a solution.

Segment four is the small business success story that is chronicled from one of their MVP clients. This week, Adam talks about one of their clients who needed to have the company run smoothly and grow when they are away from the business to take a vacation. The goal is to not to have pending disasters become reality six months down the road just because of your time away earlier in the year.

To learn more about all of these segments and how to take time away from your business, turn to the March 13 podcast and all the Dirty Secrets of Small Business podcasts on iTunes or at http://maximumvp.com/dirty-secrets-small-business-radio-show-podcast/

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