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This week we were joined in studio by Jeff Tomaszewski, owner and Chief Life Transformer at Max Strength Fitness (  Max Strength Fitness is a different kind of training company where they focus on twenty minutes twice per week to transform you.  Jeffis also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program ( and he shared with us some of his key takeaways from that program in our monthly Goldman 10 for 10 segment which included understanding how to make sense of his numbers as well as how much fun it was to help other business owners.

Jeff is a great example of how someone with no “formal” business training can have great success as a business owner.  It all starts with Jeff’s mantra of continuous learning and reaching out to get help.  This includes everything from different books like E-Myth Revisited to podcasts to different coaches and mentors as well as the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program.  One of the keys to Max Strength Fitness’s success is due to their ability to wow their customers and create raving fans who stick around and Jeff shared some examples for how they do that.

Jeff also touched on different marketing things he does to grow the business which include doing weekly videos of things that are outside of training and instead takes a more holistic approach.  Jeff opened his second location in Willoughby in 2017 and is looking to eventually franchise this concept.  Jeff is a high energy guy whose enthusiasm and positivity are infectious!


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Join us next week when will be talking about Family Business Issues with a particular focus on how do you do what is best for the organization.  There’s a lot of emotion typically tied up in family businesses and key decisions.  Focusing on what’s best for the organization helps take much of that emotion out of the decision.