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There’s never been a better time to fail!  Think about it.  Nobody has the answers right now so why not try something new or different?  Is there something you’ve been thinking about trying for a while and yet you’ve made all sorts of excuses for why you can’t do it?  It could be an idea for a new product or service in your business or a new way to market.  Maybe it’s even a totally new business idea!  Or starting a non-profit with something you’re passionate about?

Tonight we were joined on the show by Adam’s 16-year old son Jackson who is currently a junior in high school but is no stranger to podcasts as he and a couple of classmates have been doing an NFL-based podcast for a couple of years.  He gave us some good perspective on how younger folks think about the current times and shared some new things he’s trying including a recent service project he launched which was triggered by him spotting an opportunity that others missed.

Attitude is a big deal.  Staying positive and focusing on a “can do” attitude will help you identify new opportunities and start making them a reality.  Fear of failure will often get in the way.  We all have ideas.  Don’t let the fear of failure get in your way.  Instead of finding reasons Not To Do, instead find reasons To Do it.  If your idea is going to fail, find that out sooner vs. later.  Find ways to reinvent yourself and your business during this time since you’re unlikely to have another chance like this in your lifetime.

And if that new thing doesn’t work out no one will think any less of you during these times.  In fact, they might be impressed by your courage and willingness to change and try something new.  Heck, the new thing might even work out!  Think bigger and don’t burden yourself with too many worries!


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