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When my wife starts talking to me about football I know I need to pay attention because she doesn’t really like football.  In late January 2019, ESPN investigative reporter Seth Wickersham published a scathing article about the Cleveland Browns and the dysfunction that has existed since Jimmy and Dee Haslam took ownership in 2012.  My wife had a lot of questions after reading that article, so we thought it would be an interesting topic to delve a little further into for our audience.

During tonight’s show we dissected the article to hit on some Leadership and Organization issues that we know will relate to small business owners.  You might find it hard to believe after reading Wickersham’s article, but Jimmy Haslam has actually done a lot of things right when it comes to Leadership and the Organization.  Chances are you might have more in common with Jimmy Haslam as an owner than you want to admit in public.

We shared some stories of clients of ours as well that relate to what Jimmy and Dee have gone through as owners.  Some of the good Leadership traits like being decisive, listening, and being engaged lead to some victories for Jimmy but also some struggles.  So how do you avoid making some of those same mistakes? Take a listen to the show and find out!

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