MVP guys in the studioMany of us have heard about Dale Carnegie. He was one of the first quasi business coaches who wrote the book over 60 years ago: How to Wind Friends & Influence People. It is still relevant today and it comes down to making people feel respected and appreciated. Dale Carnegie along with Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter of Maximum Value Partners are very like-minded in having similar ideas of how business owners should deal with their teams and what it takes to be a good leader.

In this week’s dirty secret, Jack and Adam who host of the Dirty Secrets of Small Business™ show, uncover the fact that as a small business owner, if you don’t like people, you shouldn’t be a business owner! Nearly every business owner spends the largest part of their time dealing with people “stuff.” If people aren’t your thing and Dale Carnegie’s philosophies never hit home with you, chances are you won’t have too much fun owning a business. As the owner, you will be involved not only in keeping operations, profits, inventory and customer relations running smoothly, but there will be the nuances of dealing with employee relationships between the teams and even personal issues if someone isn’t performing due to a family health crisis or their own lack of being motivated. The small business owner has to balance the professional demeanor with understanding and solutions when “stuff” gets into the day-to-day operations. You don’t have to be a Dr. Phil, but you need to manage all the people issues.

Another myth of small businesses is that you need to guard your ideas so someone doesn’t steal them. There tends to be a feeling of paranoia with small business owners keeping things private and not sharing or brainstorming with their teams. There needs to be trust with your inner circle and also knowing that by having this confidence to share a new idea with a talented individual or team, that the discussion may lead to greater developments and insights to build on your initial ideas.

In this week’s segment of How Come?, Jack ponders: How come people don’t ask a lot of questions and instead go along with what they know? Is it because they are afraid of not looking like they are not in control by knowing everything or is it because a great fault of leaders usually has them talking 80% of the time and only listening 20% of the time? If the percentages were reversed, it may result in the small business owner getting ideas and answers from the talented team working in their company. As a small business owner, try to develop the habit of active listening and couple that with asking questions by letting go of the feeling that you are less powerful because you are engaging others to be part of the solution. Your teams will feel motivated and involved in building success and sustainability because you asked the questions!

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