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One of the biggest challenges of this entire COVID-19 pandemic has been the need to adopt and adapt to new technology as a business owner.  But this indigestion we are all experiencing with technology may actually be a great benefit to business going forward.

During the show we talked about our different experiences over the past couple of months where we are all operating in this virtual world.  Jack shared some stories and views from someone in his 70s who is still active in business and some of the challenges but also benefits of using things like Zoom.  Jack also did some investigation and found there are six different types of technology.

Adam discussed his newfound appreciation for folks providing technical support and just how difficult it is for us to all speak the same language.  Also how do you battle for bandwidth when you have multiple folks working/schooling from home?  There are a lot of good things we are seeing with the technology and we are excited to see how many new things become adopted by businesses going forward!  We even got a graduation drive by during the show!

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show