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One topic we discuss with all of our business coaching clients at some point is the idea of setting up a non-profit. It often comes up in conversations when we are dealing with a family business that is transitioning from one generation to the next. Starting a non-profit can be a great way for the current generation to transition from running the day-to-day family business to putting their energies into something they are passionate about.

What we have found is that most people don’t know much about non-profits and how they work. In fact, there is an overall perception that you can’t make money with a non-profit. In reality, non-profits have a lot more in common with for-profit entities than most people think. The same 7 Keys to Success we use to coach our for-profit business owners apply equally as well to non-profits.

During today’s show we shared several examples of non-profits that we have personally been involved with and helped set up and walked through a couple of current examples of non-profits we’re working to launch. If you’re a newbie to the idea of non-profits then tonight’s show is one you won’t want to miss!

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

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  • Charitable Organizations Classified as 501(c)(3) (
  • Non-profit employees making over $1 million annually (
  • Earn-$1-Million-or-More-in-2018) and (
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  • Family Feud (
  • Esther Lewis Warburton Patient Education Initiative/The Patient Revolution (
  • Wiener dogs (