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We are all continuing to learn a lot during this COVID-19 outbreak.  One of the more interesting takeaways from this entire scenario is the definition of what’s an “essential” business.  During the show we talked about how “essential” businesses and operations are defined in our home state of Ohio which has been one of the states at the forefront of the coronavirus response thanks to the leadership of our Governor Mike DeWine.

Something we’ve been talking to all of our clients about, as well as just about anyone who will listen to us, is finding ways to reinvent, rethink, or somehow adjust their businesses.  We’re all being offered the chance right now to take a bit of a “pause” and rethink what we’ve been doing.  All those things that we’ve all been so “busy” doing where we didn’t have time to tackle some of these bigger picture items, we now have that time.

So how are you using this gift of time?  If you’re going to remake or revamp your current business or get into an entirely new one, wouldn’t you want to do it with a business that’s considered essential?  Why not look at buying an existing business vs. starting one from scratch?

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