While Political Correctness probably came from a good place and was well intentioned, but it has become a cancer to our society. And that negative impact has been felt when it comes to business too.

When everyone is so busy being offended, how can you have a real discussion and debate about anything? How can people learn and make progress if they aren’t able to hash out their ideas and differences? As an owner, how do you get the real scoop on how people are doing and feeling about how things are going if they are bound by the shackles of Political Correctness?

If as an owner or employee you have to watch every word you say for fear of offending someone or being accused of being mean, chances are you’ll opt for not saying something that should be said. And then things are likely to fester from what was a very small issue into a much bigger issue.

How can you properly correct or coach someone in your organization if their skin is so thin that it can’t handle anything perceived to be close to criticism? You can only soften things so far before the message gets lost. What’s a business owner to do? We share some ideas in today’s show on How To Eradicate Political Correctness.

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