In This Episode

OK, enough talk about what damage or bad things COVID-19 has caused.  We wanted to take some time during today’s show to reflect on all the wonderful things that have come out of the past year plus of this pandemic.  We wanted to highlight some of the great things we’ve noticed during this time both from a personal as well as a business standpoint.

Topics we covered during the show include:

  • Embracing technology in a different way
  • Forced changes
  • Remote work
  • Ability to recruit people outside your immediate geography
  • New products/services
  • You know who you can count on
  • Chance to reset your calendar
  • Your development as a Leader

So what positive things have you seen in your business?  Send us a note at to let us know some of your favorite positive impacts on your business.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

Join Us Next Time

Join us next week when we will chat about business transitions from one generation to the next.  In particular we are going to discuss how you touch the 3rd rail and survive!