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You know it’s pretty easy to start a company.  In fact in tonight’s show we talk about how we can set up a company tomorrow to do anything, whether it be sell hamburgers or pizza.  The challenge with running a company is making money vs. losing money.

Unfortunately most folks who get into business don’t understand business. When we talk about business, one of the biggest things is understanding how to make a profit.  Without profits, a business will only last until you run out of money.  Again, losing money isn’t hard.

There are several trends leading to fewer companies starting in the U.S. Lots of folks have been spooked away from starting a business so instead they start to consider taking the route of acquiring a company instead.  There are lots of places to get ideas or find companies to acquire.  Start with sources like the Inc. 500 list (or Inc. 5000) or your local newspaper’s business opportunities section.  Don’t let money, or the lack of money get in the way of buying a company.  What if someone gave you the company?

Get out of your own way and get yourself into business.  In tonight’s show we provide you a lot of ideas, perspective, and inspiration!  That includes folks who already own a company.  Once you step out on your own, you will find out just how good you are.  And you likely won’t be able to work for someone else.


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