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With so many things changing over these past 3 months, it’s good to know that some things stay the same no matter what.  When it comes to business, one thing that endures is MVP’s 7 Keys to Success.  These guiding principles for how to run your business successfully continue to be tested in all sorts of areas including a global pandemic.

Keep in mind that your primary goal as a business owner is to make sure the business stays healthy.  The biggest measure of health in a business is profitability.  Without profits, the business will eventually go out of business.  So how do you as the owner know what things to focus on to create those profits?

That’s where the 7 Keys to Success come in.  They help provide the focus you need to confidently take the right next step.  When the 7 Keys are in place and working in your business it provides a sense of calmness in addition to the excitement of pursuing your goals.  These “mini-plans” as Jack referred to them, account for all the activity in the business.  So which of the 7 Keys need the most love and attention in your business?


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