Jack in a hat comes backHow do I create a profit plan? How do I handle this contract? How do I make something happen? How do I make more money? There are endless “How Questions” every day with small business owners.

Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter have been helping small businesses with all of the thorny how questions for over 15 years with their own business, as coaches for Maximum Value Partners www.maximumvp.com. Now with their weekly radio show, Dirty Secrets of Small Business, as cohosts, they tackle the how questions along with this week’s topic on How to Plan Your Business. They get business owners unstuck from the state of how!

Jack and Adam provide the clarity and insight for business owners who are always thinking about business to relax a little. Business owners need to plan and also get the fun back into their business by addressing the how questions. Sometimes it just takes getting away from the business and looking at things from a different perspective.

In many situations, business owners feel out of control because they are always thinking about the business and trying to handle everything. What they can control is how to react to tough situations and how to be a boss. There is really no school on how to be a boss. Often times, according to Adam, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Sometimes it takes outside coaches to bring things into perspective and using MVP’s 7 Keys to Success http://maximumvp.com/7-keys-to-success/ to get the business on a track that can be managed for profitability.

In this week’s show, Jack and Adam cover the all too often problem that small businesses just don’t plan for the future or even for the next quarter. “We hear the excuse time and time again, that the business owner is too busy to set aside time to plan,” said Jack.

Adam advised that everyone in the listening audience turn their calendars two months ahead and pick two days to go offsite with the key people on their team to have a planning session. Take the time to go to a hotel and also pick a place that has a nice restaurant to be able to have a good session with your people and then a good dinner.

This is the time to get everyone on the same page and plan how the business can grow, handle challenges and keep current with new technologies and advancements in the marketplace.

To learn more about how to go about planning for your company and getting everyone on the same page, go to the March 6 podcast and all the Dirty Secrets of Small Business podcasts on iTunes or at http://maximumvp.com/dirty-secrets-small-business-radio-show-podcast/

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