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The recent controversy around the question of “to kneel or not to kneel” got us to thinking about how business owners lead in times of controversy. Jack and I spent some time talking about how a couple of different folks were leading in the NFL “kneeling” controversy: President Trump vs. NFL Commissioner/Owners/Coaches. Needless to say, there are lots of examples of poor leadership on display when it came to this topic.

It’s never simple, but starts with questions about who are the constituents you’re trying to serve, what are your responsibilities, your personal behavior style, and what do you hold as values of what are appropriate ways to act at work. Like any situation that causes controversy, there isn’t one simple answer.

In today’s politically correct society, it’s nearly impossible to step forward and truly express your opinion or feeling on an issue without fear of wrath from others. Most people don’t enjoy upsetting others or being the target of anger. How do you lead your company? Take a listen to today’s show to get some ideas and insights for how you can approach some future controversies in your business.

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National Football League
LeBron James
Dan Gilbert
Donald Trump

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