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One thing we discovered early on in our business coaching is that owners of small businesses typically do little to no planning in their business.  Our clients learn how to properly plan as part of our coaching, as do the listeners to our radio show and podcast.  For those of you who are planners, one of the questions you may have is when is it time to update or change my plans?

If you’re doing planning properly, you typically spend a lot of time and effort pulling those plans together.  So you don’t want to change them quickly or often.  But there are certainly times that call for those updates to happen.  Some things are in your control and others are not.  In either case, you should certainly look at making some adjustments or changes to get things back on course.  After all, one of the keys of the planning is to drive your day-to-day activities!

Most owners don’t know how to plan for their business so they don’t do it.  Once we teach our business coaching clients how to plan, it becomes addictive and part of their ongoing culture.


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