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We’ve all been there with our business.  Whether it’s due to tremendous growth, the departure of a key person, or you’re just simply struggling to get everything done.  How do you know it’s time to add someone to your team?  It’s something we’ve all struggled with.  One of the biggest reasons is that it’s going to hurt the pocketbook in the short-term.  You also won’t likely save time initially as you will have to train that new employee to get them up to speed.  It’s key to think longer term in these situations.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious when the time is right to hire someone.  For instance, a good person might simply present themselves as being available.  And you feel you’re not quite ready yet.  We usually advise our clients to take the leap and hire that good person because they will add value to your business.

Like many things in life, the timing never seems quite “right” to hire someone.  I mean, you’re kind of used to the current pain you’re in so why risk bringing someone on who will give you some hope and relief only to find out they’re the wrong person?  The biggest gating item to growth of your small business is finding the right good people to help.  One good person can be the difference between staying where you’re at and doubling the business.

If you’re comfortable where you and your business are at there’s no need to hire someone.  If you’re not so happy about things, a new good person with energy and ideas and experience that you don’t have might be just what the doctor ordered to help push your business ahead.  We share lots of these stories during tonight’s show of our business coaching clients who exploded after bringing on a few of the right people.


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