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Over our 15+ years as business coaches, we’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and met with thousands more.  When we are meeting with a new potential customer, the business owner will sometimes involve their spouse in the discussions (whether that spouse is an employee or not).  But when we meet with the owner of a technology company it’s about 100% guaranteed that we will meet the spouse as part of the process.  Why is that?

Jack and I have had versions of this discussion numerous times over the years and decided to share some of our insights during tonight’s show.  We talk about reasons why the spouses seem to carry an inordinate amount of influence when it comes to owners of IT companies.  It’s all done for good reasons and with the best of intentions.  We also share some strategies for how the technology company owner can harness that influence to supercharge the success of their business.

Technology company owners are some of our favorites clients.  Our experience has shown them to not only be wickedly smart and curious, but also some of the most kind and caring people who do business the right way.  It’s often the people side of the business, everything from employees to customers to vendors, that leads to the frustrations and potential struggles.  We get IT business owners and this show is for you!


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