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With the NFL Draft just 24 hours away, folks across the country are buzzing about who their favorite team is going to draft. This is especially true in our home town where our beloved Cleveland Browns own the #1 and #4 picks in the draft. Just about everyone (locally and nationally) has an opinion about what they should do with those picks. But ultimately, one person, the General Manager John Dorsey will be the one who decides what to do. And he will be the one who gets the credit or the blame depending how those draft picks perform.

How come certain executives and teams seem to draft well and others don’t? The players they are choosing from is a pool of very talented folks. So do some folks just have a better knack for picking players than others? Or is it something else that makes those players selected successful?

As a small business owner, you also get credit or blame for how the people you hire perform. Identifying and hiring (i.e. drafting) the right people is a big part of it, but there are other things that determine the success or failure of those team members. Things like your culture, training, coach (CEO).

A common thing you’ll hear about the great players is that they make others around them better. This is true of great players, coaches, owners, and anyone else with greatness. One of your biggest jobs as the owner is to not only identify the right players for your team, but also create the environment to get the best out of them.

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