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Owning a small business can be difficult enough without government laws and regulations getting in the way. One of the things we help our business coaching clients focus on is Marketing. It typically starts with a discussion about who is your ideal Target. Who are you trying to go after as a customer?

I recently became aware of a story that happened several years ago about a baker in Colorado who was being accused of violating the state’s anti-discrimination laws because he refused to bake a cake for a same sex couple’s wedding reception. The owner of the bakery, Jack Phillips, said he doesn’t make cakes for events that don’t fit with his religious views of the world and includes things like witches, Halloween, and sexually suggestive images.

So instead of simply moving on to the next bakery, this couple made a post on Facebook, which was picked up by the local news media and has lead to a 5-year legal battle that will be making it’s way to the United States Supreme Court this fall.

So this got us to thinking, why don’t you as a business owner have the right to be particular about who you sell your products or services to? Who should be protected and who shouldn’t? Can’t I discriminate against Ohio State fans since I’m a University of Michigan graduate? Tune in to today’s show to hear our take!

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