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We covered a couple of different topics in tonight’s show including common myths about older folks looking for jobs: i) I’m not going to find a good job, ii) You can’t take time off or you’ll never get back into the workforce, iii) I’m not going to make as big a contribution as I did in the past, iv) Only type of work available is part-time, and v) Chance to be an entrepreneur has passed me by.  This was from an article by Anne Tergesen in the Wall Street Journal back in November 2016.

We also talked about more recent examples of political correctness and how it continues to hurt America.  The latest examples involve a tweet by Roseanne Barr and employees of Starbuck’s kicking out a couple of people who were loitering in their store and refused to buy any of their products.

With the continued proliferation of social media and 24/7 news coverage, companies are now taking the tactic of making major decisions in public and in short time frames where it would be best to take a little more time to look long-term at the results of their decisions.  If we all have to be afraid of offending someone, we’ll likely lose the ability to debate issues and resolve our conflicts.


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