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Tonight we have had some special guests in studio, Anthony Mencini and Natalie Hocevar. We talked about the importance of celebrating victories and accomplishments during the course of the year, like a client of ours achieving $1 million in sales for the first time.

We provided some perspective for folks as it relates to big vs. small business. Tony worked for Hyatt which is a $4.4 billion corporation and attends the University of Kentucky where he was the 8-man rugby player on the SERC champion Wildcats. Natalie has worked for TJ Maxx, which is part of a $34 billion corporation, as well as American Eagle, which is a $3.6 billion.

Whether it’s a big-time corporation, a big-time rugby program, or a small business, finding and keeping good people as well as coaching and training them is the key to success. We also chatted about Tony’s initial forays into entrepreneurship which include a water bottle that can be branded and green as well as his recent investment into a couple of crypto currencies including Bitcoin.

A little different show today, but lots of fun. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!


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