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One of the biggest challenges as a small business owner is knowing what to focus on next.  With so many folks trying to set priorities for you and your business, how do you as the owner decide what is really important?  Should you listen more to folks inside your business (e.g. employees) or those outside (e.g. customers)?  What about someone like your spouse or children?  Not to mention all those thoughts you have in your own mind.  It’s no wonder so many business owners are battling exhaustion!

In a world where at times everything can seem like a top priority, it’s important to have something to help guide you as a business owner.  Helping to answer questions like this is what lead us to develop our 7 Keys to Success.  These keys are geared to help business owners pull together a simple plan to help keep themselves and their team focused on the top priorities in their business.

The trick is to figure out which of these 7 Keys need the most love and attention in your business.  We shared some stories and insights during today’s show to help you with setting these priorities.  It includes simple things like focusing on making money on purpose and having well-run regular meetings.


People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

MVP’s 7 Keys to Success (