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There’s a lot of craziness in the world today.  It’s to the point that it can literally drive you crazy if you’re not careful.  One of the things we have been using for years to make sense of the world around us is Extended DISC.  This assessment tool helps us not only understand our own behaviors better, but also those of the folks around us.

One of the benefits of DISC is it brings your frustration level from what would normally be about a 9 or 10 down to about a 1 or 2.  It’s amazing the clarity that can come from simply placing the Extended DISC grid around a situation.  Not only can it provide clarity on the situation but it can also guide you with next steps about what to do in that situation.

So if you’ve been frustrate lately maybe it’s time you get a better handle on your DISC style and those around you.  We would be hard-pressed to find something that has been more impactful in our personal and professional lives than understanding and utilizing DISC on a daily basis.

Get a copy of the DISC Grid that we discussed during the show.

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