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If you’re in the business of meeting a lot of new people during the course of the week, month, or year, one of your keys to success will be to effectively share your story.  What do we mean by sharing your story?  It’s providing the person you’re speaking with the relevant points about your background that relate to them.  You have to decide which parts of your experience you want to share.  And how much of your story to share.

The last of our 7 Keys to Success is Presenting.  It is perhaps the most misunderstood and overlooked of the 7 Keys.  This is often the one that people will “wing” when it comes to the 7 Keys, but in our mind this is what brings it all together.  So whether you are Presenting yourself (i.e. sharing your story) or your business (i.e. your company’s story), if you don’t Present well you will likely be missing some opportunities.

During the show we share some easy to use tips for telling your story well which includes things like mixing in the following:

  • Where you grew up
  • Experiences from your childhood that upon reflection were important in shaping your career path (e.g. your first job, influence of a family member, etc.)
  • Where you went to school and/or if you dropped out of school
  • Your work history before the current business
  • How you got into business for yourself
  • Your experience in business to date (include both some wins and losses)
  • Deciding how much personal stuff (e.g. family, hobbies) to share

Many of us are getting back out there and meeting new people again after several months of being holed up with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Even if you’ve been in the habit of meeting new people for years, chances are you’re a bit rusty in sharing your story.  Plus we can always improve how we Present ourselves!


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